Financial planning no matter where you are in the world

We have clients on every continent (except Antartica)

Our Remote Planning Process

We have a streamlined, convenient remote planning process that delivers collaborative financial planning anywhere in the world. We have worked successfully with hundreds of clients using the easy process outlined below.

Step 1.  You complete our contact form to request information or an initial consultation.

Step 2.  We reply to your inquiry and request a phone or Skype call with you.  We use the initial consultation to understand your needs and to explain our services. 

Step 3.  To begin the planning process, we will send a link to a secure, online questionnaire that helps you gather your financial information.  It’s self-paced and you can drop PDF statements directly into it.   

Step 4.  After you complete the questionnaire, we create a financial snapshot of your current situation and ask you to schedule your first planning session.  You will be given online access to applications used to develop your financial plan. Each step of the comprehensive financial planning process is done collaboratively during a series of Skype (or phone) calls.  Skype screen sharing makes collaboration very easy.  Our standard planning arrangement allows for three months to create your plan.  Most clients schedule planning calls at intervals of one to three weeks. And most plans require about four calls.


Step 5.  Certified Financial Planners are required to have a signed written agreement with clients. We provide this to you via DocuSign. Once the agreement is signed, we will send an electronic invoice that you can pay online through Quickbooks Online Payments.