Growing what you have

Investment Philosophy

We believe the markets work and that a passive, long-term approach is the best way to achieve investment goals.

We also believe that investing is not a stand alone financial activity, but rather a component of an overall financial plan. A well constructed financial plan with clearly defined goals, combined with a solid investment strategy, will provide financial success and peace of mind.

Minimize Fees and Taxes

In recent times, many investors have become sensitive to fees associated with investments and investment advice. However, investors often have difficulty understanding how fees are charged, who charges them, and how best to minimize them. Carrington Financial Planning helps clients understand today’s fee landscape so they can make informed investment decisions.

Investment returns can be significantly improved with proper tax management. Automated tax loss harvesting is one very effective technique now available to investors no matter the size of their investment accounts. Please contact us for a detailed explanation of our approach to providing low cost, tax-efficient investing.

The Unified Portfolio

At Carrington Financial Planning we take a holistic approach to investing by considering all of a client’s assets as one large, unified portfolio. For Federal employees under the FSPS system, these usually include the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP), IRAs, taxable accounts, and home equity. It is important that all portfolio components work well together to reduce overall volatility of a client’s net worth and to maximize the chances for continuous growth of total net worth, year after year.
The TSP is a very good investment account and is an integral part of the three-tier FSPS retirement system. The TSP has five funds in which one can invest; two fixed income (bond) and three equity (stock) funds. These five funds offer investment exposure to a significant part of the fixed income and equity markets. However, a number of very important asset classes are not represented. Additionally, investors often choose investments for their IRAs and taxable accounts that duplicate their TSP investments. We believe it is important to own a broader set of asset classes in order to provide a better chance of success.

Filling The Gaps In Your Overall Portfolio

It is unfortunate that so many IRA and taxable accounts are left to drift for years without a strategy for making them productive parts of a unified portfolio.
We can recommend growth portfolios that contain asset classes not available in the TSP.
These asset classes are often primary components of modern day growth portfolios and are asset classes the TSP has proposed offering, one day, through the lifecycle funds. We provide that opportunity today.
Please contact us to learn more about our approach to creating a unified portfolio and the ways in which we can help you fill the gaps.
Please note: As mentioned elsewhere on our website, we do not sell mutual funds or any other investment or insurance products. We are Fee-Only.

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