Fee-Only Financial Planning For The American Foreign Affairs Community, No Matter Where You Are In The World

Our Value Simply Stated: Fee-Only Service With A Fiduciary Standard

Finding a source of unbiased, trustworthy advice from within the financial services industry can be a daunting task. Our fee-only, fiduciary standard advisory provides clients the highest level of assurance of reasonable, transparent fees, and advice that puts the client’s needs ahead of our own.

As an independent RIA (Registered Investment Advisor) our firm is free to recommend financial choices that best serve you. The past few years have shown that the quality of one’s financial plan can seriously impact the quality of one’s life.

At Carrington Financial Planning we develop plans with a goals-based, holistic approach that considers all aspects of a client’s financial life. This process creates plans that allow clients to achieve their goals by using their financial resources in an integrated, efficient manner.

  • Foreign Service Clients 95%
  • Remote Planning Clients 85%

Fee-Only + Fiduciary Standard + Independent RIA = Our Formula For Unbiased, Trustworthy Advice


We can assist you with complete financial plans, or just retirement planning, funding for college, estate planning, or investment management. For safeguarding and growing your assets, we use state of the art methods and adaptive strategies to best deal with today’s economic conditions.


Please explore our website to learn more about the 21st century financial planning and wealth management services we offer. We want to be your source for unbiased, trustworthy financial planning and advice.

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